In addition to offering an array of direct financial services suited to you and your business, at SCA we also have an acute awareness of differences in industries that help to heighten the efficacy of our services as well as our engagement with clients.



Business in the domain of agriculture in Australia is a diverse as well as dynamic sector. From livestock farming to aquaculture to export business, the ability to manage businesses effectively proves to be increasingly difficult, particularly when met with both economic and environmental constraints. Our advisory reports and expertise available in this capacity thus include:

  • Audit, Accounting and Tax Management/Compliance
  • Structuring and Reviews
  • Exit and Succession Planning
  • Estate Management and Planning
  • Information on Domestic and Foreign Markets
  • Cash Flow and Financing


Educational institutions face significant dilemmas of financial management, spending, accumulation and corporate governance amongst others. At SCA we are equipped to assist public and private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in their strategic pursuits to optimize existing operation as well as to attain operational goals. We offer services in:

  • Audit, Accounting and Tax Management/Compliance
  • Financial Forecasting (Budgets and Cash Flow)
  • Health Checks
  • Monitoring and Review of internal Controls
  • GST Reviews
  • Salary Management and Packaging
  • FBT Returns
  • Assistance with Applications for Grants and Private Funding


The not-for-profit sector experiences a range of challenges including legislative and regulatory changes, shifting demographics and susceptibility to public scrutiny. Central to their efficiency in this regard then is the fundamental factor of transparency and their success may further be determined by their ability to adapt and meet particular demands. At SCA, we too adapt our services to suit the needs of not-for-profit bodies so as to help attain desired levels of efficacy and success. For this, we offer:

  • Internal and External Audits
  • Tax Management (Budgeting, Concessions and Exemptions)
  • Assistance with Funding Applications
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Establishment of Charitable Trusts
  • Corporate Governance

Professional Services

Though this covers an array of almost all market segments – including accounting, legal, design, IT, science and technology, medical and recruitment to name a few – we at SCA are able to identify both certain commonalities as well as differences amongst the different job disciplines and qualifications that enable us to help you adjust to all kinds of exogenous influences on financial circumstance, be it technological advances or economic recessions. We assist not only with short term solutions but also in establishing medium and long-term goals through:

  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Tax Management
  • Outsourced Accounting
  • Large-scale Forecasts and Budgeting
  • Salary and Remuneration Packaging
  • Exit and Succession Planning
  • Structuring and Restructuring
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Property and Construction

Infrastructural projects and property management exist not only in themselves as a fundamental industry but additionally maintain significant impacts on various other businesses and sectors thereby being central to formation and establishment of many other markets. Given environmental and financial legislations, land ownership and property management then are both heavily influential and influenced by other markets as well as industrial sectors. To address this onset and residual of industrial effects, we assist by offering:

  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Tax Management
  • GST, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax Advice
  • Financial and Economic Forecasts and Modelling
  • Risk Management
  • Business Strategizing
  • Capital Management

Retail and Wholesale (R&W)

In addition to being one of the largest sectors in Australia, the R&W sector is also notably one of the most competitive. It presents itself as lucrative insofar as it requires not only financial and operational aptitude, but also must be equipped to deal with increasing changes in both local and foreign markets, trends and operational disparities. We aim to assist Retailers and Wholesalers in their pursuits of managing with and thriving against competition as well as with the internal management of respective businesses, so as to avoid a loss of technical or allocative efficiency through unnecessary administrative tasks and/or concerns. Our services for R&W thus include:

  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Tax Management
  • Financial and Economic Forecasts and Modelling
  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Management Accounting and Benchmarking
  • Structuring and Restructuring of Groups and Operational Controls
  • Import and Export Advice and Assistance
  • Assistance with Mergers and Acquisitions